Question:  How do I submit my request?  

Answer:  Please submit your request in writing using this portal.  While state statute does allow for verbal requests, the City will be better able to track and manage your request through this portal.


Question:  How long does it take to get a response?

Answer:  For a written request, state statute allows 3 business days from the City's receipt of a request to respond.  However, if the City requires more time, the City will notify the requestor that a 15 calendar day extension is required.  If at any time, the City deems a request to be broad and burdensome, it will notify the requestor and send estimated date of response.


Question:  How much are copies?

Answer:  Copies of records which exist in hard-copy format cost $0.25 per page for 8 1/2"x11", $1.00 per page for 11"x17", and $5.00 per page for anything larger.  Electronic records are provided whenever possible.

Please note that due to the pandemic, we are not currently providing physical copies.  Costs will be charged for any record that exists in hard-copy format and requires scanning into electronic format.  Arrangements can be made for payment by either phone or mail.


Question:  Do I come in to get a response?

Answer:  Due to the pandemic, our offices are currently closed to the public, and our staff is working remotely.  All communications will be made through this portal, by email, or by phone.


Question:  Do you provide copies of divorce, marriage, or birth records?

Answer:  The City of Santa Fe does not create or maintain these records.  Please contact the State of New Mexico for birth and death records.  Divorce decrees can be obtained through the District Courts, and marriage certificates can be obtained through Santa Fe County. 


Question:  Do you provide copies of court records?

Answer:  The City of Santa Fe only provides records for the Santa Fe Municipal Court.  For any other requests, please contact the specific court directly.